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Here is some information on a family tree resource from Mr. Frank Collins of Medfield, Massachusetts, USA.
The "currently available and most complete" family tree of Captain James Cook is in the possession of Rod Fleck of Australia and he completed it with the late Ada Burnicle of England - Both are confirmed direct descendants of the Captain's sister Margaret and they have tracked descendants to the present day after decades of effort. The most recently posted record of this family exists here. Also, let me add that Mr. Fleck and I are currently working to web-publish his latest records on the site specified above. I want to be very clear that Mr. Fleck and the late Ms. Burnicle have done all of the decades of effort to put this very complete family record of the Captain's family together and that I am merely the conduit to place it on the Internet; It is through the graciousness of Mr. Mark Winthrop of Copenhagen that we have a place to host it.
I would also recommend Mr. Winthrop's site, (One of the first Cook sites on the Internet) and happy hunting for your relatives.
- Nate Kerl

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