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Books, Sources

The Life of Captain James Cook book cover Beaglehole, J.C. et al. (most recent: paperback,1992) The Life of Captain James Cook. Standford Press.

Blumberg, Rhoda. (c1991).The remarkable voyages of Captain Cook. Bradbury Press; Collier Macmillan Canada ; Maxwell Macmillan International.

The Journals of Captain Cook book cover Edwards, Phillip, Beaglehole, J.C. et al. The Journals of Captain Cook. (2000 Paperack: ABRIDGED). Penguin USA.
William Hough's Captain James Cook book cover

Hough, Richard. (1994) Captain James Cook. New York: W.W. Norton and Co, Inc.

  Joppien, Rudiger. (1998). The Art of Captain Cook's Voyages: The Voyage of the Resolution and the Discovery 1776-1780 (Studies in British Art). Yale University.

(A Children's Book)Lang,John.(early 1900's?). The Story of Captain Cook. The Children's Heroes Series. New York: E.P. Dutton and CO.

Out of Print

MacLean,Alistair.(1972) Captain Cook. Great Britain: Fletcher & Son Ltd. Norwich.

Out of Print

Moorhead,Alan.(1966) The Fatal Impact. New York: Harper and Row.

Porter,A.N.(1991)Atlas of British Overseas Expansion. New York: Simon and Schuster. pp. 57-60.


Vandercook, John W. (1951) Great Sailor. Scranton, PA: Haddon Craftsmen Inc.

Alan Villiers Captain James Cook book cover

Villiers, Alan. (1967). Captain James Cook. New York: Scribners.

May be out of print, still available on audio cassette

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